Welcome to Daemon Enterprises!


Founded by Joseph Slowden in 2005, Daemon Enterprises is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the world. The first products were based on its founder main area of expertise, i.e. artificial intelligence and their success rapidly attracted the attention of military contractors.

Since then Daemon Enterprises, inc. has diversified its operations, which spawn projects including diverse topics, from aerospace to food supplies.


Close to people


Despite of its success, Daemon Enterprises stays always close to the people. Through its cooperation agreements with third world countries, it helps to stabilize their economy and political situation.


Did you know?


The popularity of Daemon Enterprises CEO, Joseph Slowden, is huge in the internet culture. He is usually portrayed as a successful black man in so called "memes". Far from being offended, Mr. Slowden find it friendly and flattering.

What is our phylosophy?

Daemon Enterprises is a philantropic organization willing to give back in some way to the people and governments that helped it to become what it is today.


Notable examples of these contributions are our rainforest reforestation program or the construction of schools in Atacama and Coquimbo, Chile.


Moreover, our military "Intelligence through technology" program has proved really helpful in maintaining the stability of world hot spots and new democratic regimes, avoiding this way an armed conflict and saving lives as well as tax payers money.


Daemon Enterprises about to launch a new line of electric vehicles incorporating the latest technology in security. The Daemon-1 will include our renamed chipset Naesus, which will monitor the vehicle status and correlate it with real time traffic data.